Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machinery.

Electrical (DPFi)

Electric heating elements may be used to regenerate the filter when the machine has stopped operating. Air from a small pump is heated to >600C and blown through the filter to remove the carbon.

These systems use mains electrical power. The regeneration units may be mounted on the machine as an on-board control system, wall mounted or as an off-board control system. In both cases the filter module remains installed on the machine.

The regeneration follows a programme, which takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The regeneration can safely be left to run overnight.

Advantage: no restriction on operating temperature or fuel types.

Condition: requires active regeneration when particulate filter is full as indicated by the filter monitor.

Case Study: DPFi with electrical regeneration installed on Toyota forklift

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Case Study: DPFi with electrical regeneration installed on Volvo wheel loader

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DPFi Diesel Particle Filter

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