Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machinery.

NOx Control

NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions are associated with smog, acid rain and health risks such as respiratory problems. Johnson Matthey’s SCRT® technology reduces NOx as well as particulates by combining CRT® technology with SCR (selective catalytic reduction).

Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, emissions are tightly controlled in enclosed spaces, as this is where they can have the greatest effect on people’s respiratory systems. The most effective way of reducing NO2 is to reduce overall NOx at source, for example through the use of an SCRT® system. Our Mining-CRT® technology can however prevent NO2 increasing at the tailpipe.

Johnson Matthey has developed a passively regenerating DPF system that is suitable for underground mining, as it does not increase NO2 above engine-out levels.

The first part of the unit is the CRT system, designed to reduce CO, HC and PM by more than 90%. This is followed by a decomposition catalyst to bring the NO2 down to the levels required.



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