Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machinery.

Materials Handling

Johnson Matthey offers a range of diesel retrofit exhaust technologies which can easily be fitted on many makes and types of materials handling machinery including forklifts.


Many electrical and burner regeneration systems have been installed on forklift trucks from 1.0 > 20 as the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 200C and is therefore not suitable for CRT® technology.


These systems are generally suitable for use with low temperature applications e.g. forklift trucks and platforms, especially in use in closed or partly closed areas. Neither system is sensitive to fuel sulphur levels and both will need a regeneration after each work shift or if indicated by the filter monitor.


The DPFi has an electrical heater in front of the filter. For regeneration control, two versions, an on-board and an off-board control unit with a combustion air compressor handle the filter regeneration after it is filled up during operation. An external electrical socket is needed to start the regeneration cycle while the machine is not being used, and takes only 60 to 90 minutes.


The DPFi system is suitable for normal forklift operations with less then 6-8 hours per day and where the regeneration time is not critical.


The DPF-BU is for low temperature applications too, but offers a faster regeneration cycle of maximum 25 minutes and is independent of external energy, meaning it is more mobile.  A diesel burner is installed in front of the filter and operates using the on-board voltage and fuel from the tank. A combustion air compressor also makes use of the on-board voltage. This allows the filter to be regenerated anywhere with no external plug required.


The DPF-BU system is the best choice for operations longer then 6-8 hours (2 and 3 shift operations) and where the regeneration cycle time is critical. Furthermore the application can be used far away from the depot as no external energy will be needed.  




Bigger forklift trucks are equipped with CRT® or CCRT® units as they operate at higher exhaust gas temperature and are therefore able to regenerate over a typical duty cycle.


DPF-CCRT® systems are suitable for material handling applications with exhaust gas temperature above 220C, for example telehandlers, reach stackers and container trackers.

The CCRT® system has the filter coated with catalyst as well as having a Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) in front of the filter. This extends the operating window of the filter system to allow reliable regeneration with lower exhaust temperatures or lower NOx to particulate ratio in the exhaust gas. Our specialists can advise which system is most suitable for your specific application.

Johnson Matthey's CRT® and CCRT® retrofit systems have a long track record of reliability and trouble free operation in many materials handling machines. 


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Case Study: DPF-BU Burner regeneration installed on forklift truck

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Case Study: DPFi with electrical regeneration installed on Toyota forklift

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Diesel Particle Filter DPF BU Active

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Diesel Particulate Filter DPF CCRT

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Diesel Particulate Filter DPF CRT

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DPFi Diesel Particle Filter

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