Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machinery.


Johnson Matthey has first-hand experience of fitting aftertreatment systems to diesel engines to reduce particulate matter (PM) emitted from the exhaust of trains, track-laying machinery and railway maintenance equipment.

CCRT® system

These systems are normally suitable for use with diesel multiple units (DMUs), locomotives for line service and shunting, and multi-purpose track vehicles and cranes.

These machines are subjected to tough conditions. Our CCRT® system meets the demanding requirements for functionality and reliability without limiting the performance of the machinery.

System sizing depends partly on how hard the engine is working during the normal operation of the machine as this affects the exhaust gas temperature which needs to be above a certain level for at least 50% of the time for these systems to regenerate reliably.

The other factor is the balance of NOx to particulate level in the exhaust gas, which is often determined by the certified emissions level of the engine.

The CCRT® system has the filter coated with catalyst as well as having a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) in front of the filter. This extends the operating window of the filter system to allow reliable regeneration with lower exhaust temperatures or lower NOx to particulate ratio in the exhaust gas.

Our specialists can advise which system is most suitable for your specific application.

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Diesel Particulate Filter DPF CCRT

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